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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by sawwood, Feb 13, 2010.

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    I just purchased (from Lazydays) an '03 American Eagle, 400 Cummins, Allison transmission, with 29,000 miles and clean as a whistle. It is effectively out of warranty, and Lazydays provides only a 30 warranty on stuff OTHER than the drivetrain. Both they and Good Sam would charge about $1500 for a one year full coverage policy, I tend not to purchase extended warranties but wonder if that is wise in this case. Any advice? Thanks
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    Re: extended warranty

    well Steve I have a 03 Fleetwood, I bought it in Nov of o6. I thought I would not need it since it had only 12,000 mile on it.Well I did buy into the warranty and I am glad I did. It was LITTLE EXPENSIVE but it has paid for itself this passed summer when I had a problem with the electrical syatem and leveling jacks. I will try to renew it if I can when it come renewal this Nov. MHO is yes, some may say no. You will have to decide if you can pay for any break downs you may have or not. Good luck with your decision
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    Re: extended warranty

    When we purchased our new Outback from Lakeshore Rv this year we opted for the service contract. The price of the contract is reasonable when you stop to consider the vast amount of items covered and the possibility of any of the failing after the warranty period. I believe you can buy a policy for pre owned as well, you might give them a call! 231 788 2040
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    Re: extended warranty

    Steve we bought our 2002 HR with 1700 miles on it. There was still some mfg warranty left and we decided against the extended. Was going to run about 1500 a year. Well we have had it for 7 year and had no problem that extended warranty would have covered. 7 year at 1500= 10500 so I took a chance and have saved 10k. Just like any other kind of insurance. Great if you need it but think you come out ahead if you put the 1500 in the bank ever year. JMO

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