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    I just purchased (from Lazydays) an '03 American Eagle, 400 Cummins, Allison transmission, with 29,000 miles and clean as a whistle. It is effectively out of warranty, and Lazydays provides only a 30 warranty on stuff OTHER than the drivetrain. Both they and Good Sam would charge about $1500 for a one year full coverage policy, I tend not to purchase extended warranties but wonder if that is wise in this case. Any advice? Thanks
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    Re: extended warranty

    well Steve I have an 03 Fleet wood. when I bought it I was offered the warranty, and I thought I would not need it. Well I did end up getting it and glad I did. I had to use it this passed summer when we got back from SD. The electrical system went hey wire, the leveling jack stopped working correctly ans some other things went wrong to. I took it the the shop and they called the warranty company and they paid for it all except my deductible. Its come up for renewal this Nov. and yes I will renew if I can :laugh: :laugh:

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