F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Dave56, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. Dave56

    Dave56 New Member

    Hi All,

    I am thinking about stepping up from a pop-up to a full size. I am curious about how bad my MPG wll drop. Curently I tow with a 2002 F150 SC 5.4 towing package. I pull about 3200# pop-up loaded. I get about 14 MPG at 60 MPH. Can anyone with a simular truck tell me what to expect when I switch to a full size? I am shopping for something about 28 feet in the 5000# or less range. I have also been looking at Hi-Lo.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. hertig

    hertig Senior Member

    F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

    I'm not sure you will be able to find many 28' trailers which only weigh 5000#, and that is approaching the upper limit that you will want to tow with that truck. In any case, the wind resistance of a full size trailer may have as much or even more impact on gas mileage than the weight. A Hi-Lo may reduce the wind resistance factor, and possibly weight as well.
  3. Krazeehorse

    Krazeehorse New Member

    F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

    How many miles a year do you tow and will the increased fuel cost really upset the budget? If your fuel economy drops 20% and you burn 500 gal/year towing you are only going to cough up for another 100 gallons or so of gas. Is the additional $150 expense enough to affect your decision to purchase? If you are a full timer then obviously the numbers are more important.
  4. Will Daniels

    Will Daniels New Member

    F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

    Dave: I have a F-150 SC with factory tow pkg. and the 4.6 and a 20' Sunline which I estimate is about 4100-4200 fully loaded. My mileage varies with the terrain and wind conditions but generally averages 10.5 mpg.
  5. we-wants-it

    we-wants-it New Member

    F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

    Hi Dave, We have a '99 F150 5.4 supercab 2 wheel drive pulling a '98 Kit Sportmaster 26' 5th wheel. The truck and trailer have a combined weight of 12,000 lbs, plus or minus depending on what gear we're carrying. We get between 9.5 and 12mpg (hills, wind, speed count for the spread) with a best guess average of 10.5-11 mpg. We are comfortable with the ride, the power, and the stopping ability of the combination.

    Terry and Becky
    99 F150 5.4L
    98 Kit 26' 5'er
  6. Larry202br

    Larry202br New Member

    F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

    I have a 1999 F-150, 5.4, auto, 3.55. I tow a 1994 Skamper 262T, it's about 26' 11". I average around 9 to 9.5 MPG while towing that trailer.
  7. sgf

    sgf New Member

    F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

    had a 99 ford f-150 with 5.4 s.c. 4x4 towing a 27; sunline tt. only got abou 6 mpg towing. the trailer weighed about 6,500 lbs. hated the truck bought a diesel, now the little lady went out a bought a fifth wheel. geez, i wished i kept that pop-up.
  8. Skip48111

    Skip48111 New Member

    F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

    F-150 5.4L SC 4X4
    Towing a 30 Foot Trail Lite
    about 5000#
    Average about 12mpg at 55mph
    on the flats of Michigan
  9. flyboy1

    flyboy1 Member

    F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

    Hey I have a 2001 toyota tundra with a 4.7 liter v8 and we tow a 29' Prowler Lynx this is in prowlers ultralight line. We average about 8mpg at 65-70 mph. As I leave the yard it weighs about 5100 lbs. I will tell you we are very happy with this trailer. I'm sure your f150 would have no problem with it at all

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