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    theres a little fan under the the fuse panel with vents . it runs even when everything is shut down . what does it cool ? if i ulplug power it goes off. is it ok to turn off power or does this fan need to keep running to cool something ?
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    RE: fan

    this fan is there for a reason ,, it helps to keep the transformer cool in u'r converter ,, the converter takes 120 volts from u'r power cord ,, down to 12 volts battery power ,, so that means ,, that there will be heat build up ,, and that little fan is doing what it is supossed to do :approve: :approve: :approve: :cool: :cool: :) :)
    But if it is running all the time ,, u might have a problem with a temperature disc that might be stuck , or a heat sensor that is out of range ,, if u can ,, see what the name is on the fuse panel where u hear the fan ,, and then we can go from there :approve: :)

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