Fiberglass Chips

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by Homer, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Homer

    Homer New Member

    Our Leisure Travel van has a few chips in the white fiberglass exterior and this leave black indentations at every location.

    Anyone have an idea what to use to fill and/or paint these out?
  2. ironart

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    Re: Fiberglass Chips

    Hi Joe and Welcome to the Forum.....

    The black spots are probably mold that is growing in the indentations....That must be killed before you do anything.....Bleach is good or Vinegar will also do the trick...
    Once the mold is killed...Then go to an epoxy filler.....West Systems comes to mind...It is a great filler and can be made thick with an epoxy thickening agent that is sold for just your purposes.... You can get it at almost any Marine supply / hardware store......I have even seen it at some RV supply stores........Good stuff...Just follow the directions to the letter.....The stuff uses a catalyst and gets hard in a matter of minutes so make small batches and work fast..... It is sandable and paintable and will permanently fix your problem .

    Here is a link to the MFG web page......
  3. Homer

    Homer New Member

    Re: Fiberglass Chips


    Many thanks for the friendly welcome and for the great advice. I didn't think of mold at all and was just going to cover things over. Took some bleach to the areas and killed off those little guys before doing anything. Don't want to think about what would have happened if I had just covered up those little colonies without pulling your trick first.

    Much appreciated!


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