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    Well its been a fun 4 years with my 1993 Winnebago Brave, but now its time to upgrade. I was wondering if anyone out there has recently financed a used motorhome and could offer some insight as to the terms and interest rates currently being offered. I am going to hit the bank to get pre-approved but wanted to know what to expect. Assume good credit and borrowing in the 50-70k range. Of course the longer I can finance it for might dictacte what I can afford.


    Re: Financing

    I just got a 20 yr. loan at 6.65% with NO $$$ down. Now, I don't plan on paying out the full term loan, I will refinance this into my 2 yr. old house in a yr. or two. My loan was in the mid-50's.

    Can I write the interest of the loan off on this years taxes??
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    Re: Financing

    Todd, generally, a MH loan is treated like a 2nd mortgage. A CPA can tell you the particulars, because part of the answer always begins with, "It depends."

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