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    I have not owned a motorhome to date, but after an amazing 2 week adventure with my wife and teenage children through northern CA in a rented Class C 30' motorhome we are hooked. I don't want to get in over my head so I have been doing my homework and shopping and have found a couple of possibilities. One local and one not so local. I like used vehicles and no dealers for me, so I plan to buy from a private owner. Therefore, I need to know my stuff and thought this forum might be a great place to get some sound, non-biased advice and continue to build my knowledge base.

    The motorhomes I am currently considering are as follows:

    1. 1992 Fourwinds class C, 26', E350, 77K. Owner is firm at $12,000
    2. 1990 Southwind by Fleetwood class A, 37', Chevy 454, 16K. Owner is firm at $13,900

    Any advice specifically about either of these prospects and/or advice in general would be very appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Re: First time buyer

    Have you researched the floor plans? With motor homes this age, it's more about the current condition than the brand in my opinion. Plus, there is a HUGE difference in a class C and a class A.

    I have a 1992 Fleetwood Tioga Montara Special (class C) and it had leaked in multiple places before I bought it. I did not inspect it well enough to catch the leaks, but here are some things I would look at/for if I had it to do all over again:
    1) check all outside storage areas for signs of water damage
    2) check under the cab over mattress and behind the window curtains for signs of water damage
    3) get on the roof and inspect it for tears, caulking, condition of roof itself, condition of skylights and vents
    4) check the age and condition of the tires
    5) have the seller demonstrate that each and every appliance is in working order

    I paid a flat amount plus a bonus if I an RV technician and a mechanic of my my choosing found no issues. If they found issues, we would split the cost up to the cost of the bonus. I ended up using up the bonus and then some to get it road ready.

    It would be great if you could come across someone on the forum who is close by and experienced AND willing to go with you to do the inspection.

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