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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by sawwood, Mar 5, 2010.

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    We're used to campgrounds in the northeast/east coast = shady, grassy, scenic etc. My first foray into Arizona snowbird country shows me motor home cities, like row houses, out in the open, an occasional palm tree or cactus. Has anyone found a way for both -- tree lined and scenic and warm - January and or February? We love to hike, fish, sightsee, antique etc. Not into golf/tennis. Love people, just not huge parking lots. We're not fixated on Arizona by any means - just thought we'd start there. We live just outside of Boston - drive a 40' American Eagle.

    Thanks for suggestions
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    Re: first time snowbird


    Originally hail from West Quincy and then family moved to Errol NH. Commissioned in the navy in 77 and haven't been back except to visit. Sister and her family still live their (West Quincy).

    I did my first half hearted snowbird thing this year and went a stumbling down I-95 to Fl. Stayed at Larry and Penny Thompson in Miami and then down to Key West. Gone a total of 3 months and had a blast. Have seen pics of the Texas and Arizona snowbird thing and at this stage in my life don't think I'm ready for that yet. Spent both Gulf Wars in the Mid-East and have seen enough sand for a while. Larry and Penny is a Municipal Park on the SW side of Miami about 1.5 miles off the turnpike. Park is set up in PODs (cul de sacs) runs 565 a month fulll hookups and can easily gooble up a 40' M/H. At one time the Park was a mango, avocado and lychee orchard. Even had a couple of Peaocks strutting around the campground. If you want anymore info feel free to PM me. I'm headed back mid November.

    Fly Navy
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    RE: first time snowbird

    I am pretty sure that anywhere you go in the SW you will not find many trees and grass - the place is a desert after all. What you will find if you look, places that are well maintained, with lots activities for the residents, and super friendly people. You could go to Florida, but then you have to deal with bugs - and I am not a fan of bugs. I have learned that Arizona has some awesome parks and resorts (depends on what you want to spend) that are close to hiking and fishing, and most of all - Jan and Feb - there is that amazing nature and weather that cant be beat. Especially the rugged mountains here in the Phoenix area are so breath taking - and each day they offer new surprises - yes, I have fallen in love with this place, and yes it took me a while to get over the no grass everywhere.
    happy rving
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    Re: first time snowbird

    Well I have to say that Texas is not a desert! I am not a full time RV'r but I do love camping. There is an abundance of places in Texas to snowbird. I had some cousins from Iowa that would come to Texas yearly well into their eighties until they both passed away and they loved Texas. Our favorite place is Magnolia beach outside of Port Lavaca. There are yearly snowbirds that dry camp right on the beach. But there are several rv parks around the area as well. There are lakes and rivers with rv parks and "resorts". There are places in the hill country, if you want trees, I guarantee you will see trees. I have not been to west Texas very much so I can't help you there but I am sure there are a lot of nice places out there too. East Texas has the Piney Woods and even over into Louisiana there are alot of nice rv parks and other places just to stop and set a spell. Check it out online. I am sure you will find somewhere that you will just absolutely love. Can't guarantee warm weather year round though but I bet it is probably warmer here than there most of the time. :laugh: :) :approve:

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