First timer single mom needs input

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by producer, May 25, 2010.

  1. producer

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    Need help in deciding if purchasing a used TV to drytrack for a couple months at vacant lot in Florida is a good option for me and my 16 month old. I want easy maintenance RV, Class C, which is the easiest to mantain, and have no idea top 3 choices, searched online and got overwhelmed. Solar Panel expert out of Oregon recommended using this site.
    I went to a local dealer in Orlando, FL today and saw the Jayco Freedom Fighter, which seems to be good size wise. Please help me with your tips and recomendations, thx :)
  2. try2findus

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    Re: First timer single mom needs input

    Hello Producer and welcome to the forum. The DH and I have a 30' Jayco Grayhawk Sport which we bought in 2008. Other than the usual trial and error episodes, we have been very happy with our Jayco unit. Our class C is easy to set up and return to travel mode. It has plenty of room for us and our 6 yr old grandson when he travels with us.

    Do you plan to have a vehicle with you to drive when your RV is parked at your campsite? If you plan to do sightseeing or make a grocery run, you should think about that. It pays to be prepared.

    Good luck and safe travels!
  3. Triple E

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    Re: First timer single mom needs input

    I would send a PM to Ken at Grandview Trailer sales. You can find him on this forum. That is what I would do. Good luck in your search. ;)

  4. Kirk

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    Re: First timer single mom needs input

    By saying "drytrack for a couple months at vacant lot" do you mean staying with no hook-ups as we call dry camping or boondocking? If so, have you given any thought to where you will get water and dump your holding tanks? Is the lot located where you will be allowed to stay for as long as you want? What about electricity and propane? Do you plan to buy an RV with solar panels for power?

    It isn't possible for us to say if this will work for you, especially with so little knowledge. Will you have a vehicle to drive as well as the RV? Do you need transportation to work? There is no doubt that what you are asking is possible, but we can't know if it is practical. There are expenses to be addressed, even if you are parked where it is free.

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