First-timers from the UK!

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Andy&Kate, Jan 31, 2010.

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    We are travelling from the UK on a round-the-world trip and as part of that adventure, we are planning to take a trip across the USA in a rented RV. This type of 'vacation' is completely new to us and although we have spent a considerable amount of time browsing the Web, we would really value some first hand advice from experienced RVers. We don't have a clue about what to look for when choosing the right companies to rent from, campsites, what would be considered essentials on the trip and also recommendations about 'must sees' and for that matter, places to avoid! We'll be starting out in Atlanta and finishing off in Seattle via Memphis, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, LA, San Fransisco but are pretty flexible, depending on what you all have to recommend :) Thanks in advance for your help with this. Andy & Kate
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    Re: First-timers from the UK!

    first, welcome to the forum, research, research ,research, is the key, alot of good companies and some bad ones

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