flat towing a 1988 ford ranger 4wd

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by custer, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. custer

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    Can anyone tell me if I can flat tow a 1988 ford ranger, manual transmission with 4wd? I appreciate the help.
  2. Guest

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    RE: flat towing a 1988 ford ranger 4wd

    I don't see why not ,, all u got to do is put the tranfer case in nuetral and away u go,, i toad my 2001 Durango 4 down ,, automatic and 4wd,, also toad my 80 jeep cj-5 4 down ,,, manual shift and 4wd ,, have not had a prob for years
    U do need to ck into a break buddy system for the toad ,, cause it is pretty much law in most states now ,, and it is for u'r safety as well as mine and other rv's on the road,,,, :)
  3. hertig

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    Re: flat towing a 1988 ford ranger 4wd

    I would say that MOST 4WD which have a neutral transfer case can be towed, but check with your manual or dealer to make sure. You don't want to find out that your vehicle is one of the few that can't be towed by having the transmission fail.
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    Re: flat towing a 1988 ford ranger 4wd

    I agree with hertig ,, now u know why he's here ,, he reminds us of stuff we should have posted ,, like the above post ,,, stupid me :) :clown:

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