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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by rayjimmy, May 28, 2008.

  1. rayjimmy

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    Hi all,

    Just received an 2000 Allegro and the Mrs wants new carpet. Removed the bed frame and there is a gap between the rear wall and the floor under the bed.

    I'm thinking this should be caulked; should I use some tape underneath and then caulk from inside. What type caulk?

    Thanks for your help.

    This is my first rv, so I may need more guidance.

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    RE: floor caulking

    well welcome to the forums ,, and welcome to the world of rving oddity's ,, yes u will find this kinda stuff and even more as u go along ,, first can u see light thru the crack??? that will help us make a decision on the type of caulk to use ,, if it DOES NOT ,, i would IMO ,, just use plane old Dap caulking ,, u can get at any home improv. store ,, then jut smooth it dow with a putty knife ,,, and then i would lay a good sealing tape over it ,,, but we need to know about above ,, it's kinda a whole diff ball game there...
    ;) :) :)
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    Re: floor caulking

    I would be looking for structural changes (like a past wreck damage) for the cause of the 'gap'. It may not be a manufacturer defect. You may get it caulked up just to have it open again later.
  4. rayjimmy

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    RE: floor caulking

    Yes, daylight is visible.
    Very narrow crack; does not appear to be due to collision since it is an even crack in the center of the rear wall.


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