Flushing the tanks

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Calgary Dave, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Calgary Dave

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  2. akjimny

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    Dave, I think it would be a good idea, provided it is installed properly. I would be extremely nervous about drilling thru the sidewall of my motorhome and trying to do the install myself. Maybe if I had Cougarkid's skill set (or him as a neighbor):):). Personally I use a wand down the toilet aand it seems to get most everything flushed out and my sensors back to working again.
  3. HeatAir

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    I can't suggest anything for the gray tank, but we've thrown a lot of ice in the black tank before a trip. As we drive, the scrubbing the sides of the tank and the sensors.

    My black tank started showing empty after we did that.

    Good Luck
  4. akjimny

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    I read an article, I believe it was in the Good Sam Tech Tips, about puting Rid-Ex in you black tank. The procedure was to fill your tank 3/4 full of water, put in the Rid-Ex, drive around some to slosh the solution to get it to disolve, then fill the tank up completely so as to cover all the sensors. The article recommended waiting a week or so before emptying the tank to give the Rid-Ex time to eat all the residue in the tank. You might try this if you are not in a rush.

    You gray tanks sensors are probably corrupted by grease. The Rid-Ex treatment might work for it also. Good luck and let us know how you do.:):)
  5. cougarkid

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    Okay, I'll chime in.

    I have a similar thing on my new rid. It was a factory install option. It works really well.
    Beats the heck out of running the hose in the window and sticking the wand down the stool!

    Looked it up (google) and found reviews on it. Everyone seems to like it.

    Walmart has it for $20.13 with ship to store.

    You install it on the side of your tank and run a connecting hose to your dump bay.
    Drill a hole, put the sealer around it and put in 3 screws - seems simple enough.
    Watch your water pressure. Guess they don't like high pressure.

    I wish I would have put one on my old rv!
  6. Calgary Dave

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    Cool...good to know, thanks Mike. I think I'll pick up a couple then.
  7. Triple E

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    Thanks jimmy, I was wondering if Rid-X would work. As a matter of fact I am planning on buying a box and dumping a it in this weekend. I have also use Cascade dishwasher cubes to clean out the tank and it does a pretty good job. The only thing is the sensor's don't stay clean all that long.

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