ford 6.0 diesel milage

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by jadav49, Apr 16, 2005.

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    i bought a 2005 350 4wd 6.0 diesel ford in dec. have 5000 mi. getting 12.5 mpg around town.havent been on long trip yet 16mpg avg on combo trips. will,or are there any CHIPS that will help with the millage?
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    ford 6.0 diesel milage

    Hello there,
    I sell Hypertech. There are 3 power settings that you can choose from. You will see a power increase, but an increase in mpg is not advertised. Some folks report a slight increase, but at best about 2 mpg. What you are getting is typical for the 6.0 Ford. Two guys work for me, one with a '03 and one with an '04. Both F-350 crew cab dually's. They both get about what you are getting. If I can help you with Hypertech, let me know. Good luck
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    ford 6.0 diesel milage

    HI jadav49, first off with 5000 miles your engine isn't broke in yet, most diesels take about 10 to 15000 miles to break-in completely at that time you'll see and increase in mpg and power, but as posted your not that far from normal mpg. I'd wait and get a few more miles on it before tampering with it.
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