ford f53/f550 motor home chassis, brake control plug

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    i have a fleetwood 2004 bounder, and am trying to locate the blue wire up under the dash on a plug with the other three, anyway the plug in the rear is wired with all the light wires and the heavy blue brake wire, has anyone ever done this, or have a bounder that may know the location, i was hoping they did not just stub it off half way up the frame rail, thanks for any input ,,,,,,,,,,johnb
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    Re: ford f53/f550 motor home chassis, brake control plug

    ok a litte input would be good, i talked to ford, and fleetwood dealer, they said since all the wiring is at the plug there should be a stub harness taped to the others near the steering wheel, i removed the seat and lower cover and have spent some time looking and found nothing i am wondering if they just stubbed the blue wire halfway up the frame or something, i will look tomorrow or next day, anyone ever done this
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    RE: ford f53/f550 motor home chassis, brake control plug

    I assume you are talking about the BLUE wire for trailer brakes. If so, I had the same problem. "There is a BLUE wire up and under the dash." HA!!
    I looked, others looked and took it to shop and had them look. Found the BLUE wire at the pig-tail but was unable to follow it to the dash.
    End result. I pulled a new BLUE wire my self. Pulling a new BLUE wire was not as bad as it was looking for the OEM.

    Sorry I couldn't answer you question. But I understand what you are going through.

    Good Luck

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