Forest River at it again

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Grandview Trailer Sa, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Well, Forest River has cost every buyer of a new trailer money.They started payingdrivers who delivertrailers for us,more money, so their trailers wouldship beforeother brands. Guess what,it did not work.Keystone got rilled up and raised rates also...NOW, all freight companies havetopay the drivers more, so theycan keep the drivers. Every dealer is paying more money to get their trailersdelivered and the loser is the customer.

    You KNOW that the drivers won't accept less money now, so freight will never come down. The only option for the dealer is to pass this additional charge to the consumer. It is costing me about $175.00 more than just a couple of months ago. AND THE PRICE OF FUEL HAS COME DOWN!!! Freight is based on miles, so every dealers charge is different.

    Remember that when you go shopping......
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    Re: Forest River at it again

    Well Ken that does not surprise me. Every time I order something there is a freight charge. It use to be fuel cost fee when fuel was high, now it is freight. Us consumers are getting screwed every way they can find away to charge us more. Don't get me wrong, I know it cost to do business and businesses are finding ways to tac on more charges. example of that is your cell phone just look at the extra charges that was added.. BTW, I DO NOT put you in that category, I trust you as you know, and will continue buying from you when I can. :laugh: :laugh:

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