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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by H2H1, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    HEY EVERYONE WHY ARE THERE NO QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS ON HERE??? I have been on here everyday this week checking in to see if anyone had a problem, or comment and so for no one has. I surely hope this does become the norn, if so this forum will dry up in my opinion. I do enjoy this forum and hate for it to go away, so please say a few words on camping, camper types or any problems you may be having.
  2. LEN

    LEN Senior Member


  3. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Well i worked on the awning arms today and got them working proper again. Took everthing out from underneath and threw away stuff we didn't need. Getting ready to head out again.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well ,, IMO no one is camping and have everything in storage ,, i have already done 4 rvs for winterizing ,, and i have about 6 to do this weekend ,, guess here in TN most are done with camping ,, we got to cold too soon ,, and around here ,, most rvers don;t like camping in cold weather ,, they like spring ,, then go an hide all summer ,, them back out in the fall ,, after that all is done for them ,, well most of u know where i stand on this ,, and i am all for it ,, give me mid 80's to 90's and u will find me outside loving every min of it ,, and no awning out ,, but that is me ,, others will dissagree ,, but oh well ,, rednecks aorund here are for one thing ,, and that is getting out their camo stuff ,, and wearing it ,, but they have never gone hunting ,, nor do they own a rifle ,, I guess that might offend a few ,, but i don't care ,, it is the way i see it ,, but they might think the same of me ,, out with only shorts on when it's 90 plus ,, and they are sitting in the a/c ,, waiting for night to come so they can mow their lawns ,, yes that is the way it is in my small town ,, i luv summer ,, all the rednecks hide ,, :)
  5. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Well as of right now mine is loaded and ready for a week by myself hunting and the wife working most of the time to support my hobbie. As good as it gets.

  6. akjimny

    akjimny Senior Member

    My motorhome is all winterized and ready to park in the back yard. About the only thing left is whether or not to pull out the batteries. Should I plug in the convertor and let it maintain the batts over the winter or pull them out and store them in the semi-heated garage on a Battery Buddy? Looking forward to getting the remodel done on the house so I can hit the road next Spring in the RV and/or motorcycle. Gonna be a long, cold, dark Winter.:(:(
  7. vanole

    vanole Senior Member


    I've been changing fluids and filters for upcoming trip south. Started my fall act in futility in gathering/herding all the "stuff" that I have to take with me too include daughters care package and inlaws, neices, nephews XMAS gifts etc. Looking forward to casting off all lines before the Mrs has another brilliant idea for you retired service members in my case they are just like a GOBI or FOBI.

    So far everything has checked out okay knock on wood. Last year a week after I got to Miami I had my XFER switch go kaput and then my inverter. Hopefully this year I do not contribute anywhere near that much to the south Florida economy.
  8. Shadow

    Shadow Senior Member

    Well for us our trip east was cancelled. Just can't seem to shake family when we want to get away. ;) Our 5th wheel had a water leak which is being repaired as we speak. The motorhome is just sitting in the barn calling use me use me! Perfect weather for camping and fishing. So hope to get out soon!
  9. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    BUTCH, I understand what you are saying, I have mine parked on the drive way right in front of thegarage door, so everytime we go to get in the car we see it. And like your, it's not smiling, it to is ready to go.
  10. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    We have at least 3 more trips this year. Of course my trip is a weekend....but better than sitting home!! We will camp till Halloween, meeting up with Hollis and JR, and hopefully another in Nov.
  11. erniee

    erniee Member

    Getting ready to head out to a rally in Pine Mountain, Ga. Been putting off buying fuel till the prices go back up:eek:
  12. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Ernie when are you expected to be in Pine Mnt. camp ground? I live about 35 miles from there. I would come up and introduce myself . BTW I am the one who started this post, H2H1= Hollis
  13. Steve H

    Steve H Senior Member

    I am not as active here as I would like to be but just not as much going on at rvusa. I enjoy this forum also and hope it continues. We have weather for one more trip this season, the last week of October...after that the pink stuff gets used! Doesn't keep me off the forums though!

    Best Wishes!
  14. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Steve dont use the pink stuff just come on south.
  15. JordanAllen76

    JordanAllen76 Junior Member

    We were actually planning a trip from to Las Vegas from Boise and I really wanted to ask what anyones best advice on what and what not to do in Vegas.
  16. Steve H

    Steve H Senior Member

    One day AnaLyn and I will be able to do that! Looking forward to those days...been at the same job for 40 years now so we are getting close!
  17. Steve H

    Steve H Senior Member

    Don't lose your money:) Sorry, couldn't resist! We have not spent a lot of time in Vegas but if you haven't been yet we enjoyed "Old Las Vegas" down on Fremount.
  18. Boyde31

    Boyde31 Junior Member

    For a lot of of, camping season is over. I still check in every little while, but not as much as I do during the summer. It might be slow again until next year.
  19. RanCarr

    RanCarr Junior Member

    We've been restoring the old 1993 Class-C Ford Dutchmen we bought a little over a month ago. It's taking a lot of our time. And we went camping for a week earlier this month. We love fall camping. It's just too dang hot here to camp in the summer. We still have the new North Trail and will again spend the winter in it down in FL. I doubt we'll go camping again this fall. The end of Dec we leave for Ocala. :)
  20. erniee

    erniee Member

    We are back home in Texas. Sorry I didn't get on here during our visit to the Pine Mountain campground. They were having internet connection issues. We had a Bluebird rally there with 130+ coaches

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