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    I will be travelling to Alaska this summer with my Winnebago Journey
    The unit has the film mask, but i am still concerned about protection when on gravel roads. I bought a full bra for the tow car, but am not sure i want to spend $500 for the motorhome- not to mention drilling for the snaps

    Has anyone been to Alaska? what did you do to protect the front of your rig?

    thanks for any advice!
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    DRIVE BACKWARDS. Regards Big Bilko :) :) :) :) :evil:
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    If it was me, I would invest in head light guards and good fog lights with shields. I have been told that front bra's can over heat the engine. So if you are planning to drive all day this might become a concern.

    I have only driven the Al-Can once. Two problems that I had was headlight and flat tires. At the time I drove it however, 800 miles was gravel. I am told that it is all paved now.

    April, early May is best time to travel. Road is still frozen and you will beat Break-up. Less dust also. Watch out for the wildlife.

    Have a great trip. You will see some of Gods greatest displays.

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