Frozen A/C

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    I remember the older roof TOP A/C units would freeze up if the outside temp was near or lower than the A/C temp setting inside. Is that still true about the newer units. Mine kind froze up today so turned it off, turned the fan on "only" and in a short time, the fan was blowing good again (it had gotten really slow flow). I let it just blow for a couple hours and then turned on the A/C unit for cooling and it seemed to be ok. I've turned it off for now, because it is pretty nice out so airing out the inside. :) ;)
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    IMO u might have a unit that is a littlle low on freon ,, most units freeze up when low ,, even the new units ,, but there is a way to refill it ,, very pricy ,, and u have to find somebody that knows how ,, most guys now days don't have a clue about the saddle clamp fill valves ,, but as u said ,, u were in low temps ,, so that jsut might be u'r prob ,, but one other thing ,, did it work ok in higher temps ,, just asking :) :approve:

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    Re: Frozen A/C

    It worked great in higher temps. Just did it today with cool front coming through. I'll see how it does when temps go back up.

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