Fuel Stabilizers

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by James G, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. James G

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    Has or does anyone use a fuel stabilizer in their motorhome? I have a 2004 Fleetwood Bounder with a Ford V-10 engine. I take it fishing 5-6 times a year (usually early May thur Late Oct). It is parked along side my house the rest of the year. I am considering using a fuel stabilizer to keep gum and varnish from the engine and generator. They both use the same gas tank.
    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
    James G
  2. s.harrington

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    Fuel Stabilizers

    Yes you should use a stabilizer and you should also store it with the tank as full as posible. Air in the tank is what causes it to brake down. As far as the genset goes, I would install a shutoff valve on the gas line and run it dry. Since you are supposed to run it under load for 2 hrs. a month, you won't have to worry about the seals in the carb getting dried out.

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