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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by bassmen6, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. bassmen6

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    Ok, this may seem like a silly question, but I know some of you experienced folks can help us newbies out.
    We had 19ft tt, but just purchased 34ft tt. We also now have a F250 diesel truck as our tow vehicle, previously had a gas vehicle. Getting in and out of gas stations with the 19ft tt wasn't too bad. Now with a 34ft AND having to find pump with diesel, I'm concerned about getting myself into some difficult situations at the gas station along our travels.

    Any suggestions and any precautions that would help out?
  2. H2H1

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    I would consider going to Flying J/ Pilot truck stops. They are designed to accommodate most if not all RVs. I have a 36' MH towing a Saturn and have no problem finding places to gas it up. Good luck and happy camping.
  3. LEN

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    I'm 65' long so I see your point all the time, Just fuel before you NEED to so you can move on and find an easy stop. At 34' and a truck most stations are OK just watch yourself and plan your entry and exit. Look ahead and pass on any that look too tight a fit. As above use truck stops as many hace RV pumps by the truck pumps. Also use the outside lanes or middle lanes as you have more room.

  4. vanole

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    You got good info from Hollis and Len. I'm at 45' sans Toad and a bit longer than Len with Toad.

    If you don't use truckstops as Hollis mentioned and prefer smaller stations look for ones that the pumps run parrallel to the store vice perpendicular (facing store entrance). Some of the turns when the pumps are facing the store are about impossible due to the folks that are parked in front of the store entrances.

    On my runs up and down I-95 I've had no issues at all, and lately have preferred Wilco/Hess stations. They can accomate everthing and just about all their truckstops are layed out identical so their is no mystery when rolling in at night into an unfamiliar locale.


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