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Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by Janet Allen, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Janet Allen

    Janet Allen New Member

    Hi all, we are planning a move to Florida and were interested in full time places in southwest region or Miami/Lauderdale region. Our biggest question is do most places have age restrictions on RV? Ours is 2007 fifth wheel (almost done remodeling inside) but it's outside is pretty shabby with peeling stickers, etc. Also do the places that say 55+ stick to that or do they just want adults with no kids? We are 46 and 50 with no kids at home. Thanks in advance.
  2. Al mccord

    Al mccord New Member

    I think only the high end places care how your Rv looks. Within reason! But most are fussy on the 55age. Come over to Tampa side. Lots on nice parks & not so stricked!
  3. Janet Allen

    Janet Allen New Member

  4. Al mccord

    Al mccord New Member

    I am still in New Port Richey now. I like this area closer to things I like to do but away from some of the busiest areas. Rates are lower around here to. Going home soon to miss the hot weather!
  5. lazadasp99

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    ủng hộ nè !

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