Full-timers favorite spot to spend winter?

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by parigi, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. parigi

    parigi Member

    As full-timers where is your favorite state for the
    three months of winter or four.And why?thanks for replying! ;)
  2. hertig

    hertig Senior Member

    Full-timers favorite spot to spend winter?

    As a resident, I think Southern Arizona (Tucson) would be hard to beat. No snow (you can always go up the mountain if you really need to see some), seldom gets below freezing and then only in the middle of the night. The city is big enough to cater to many wants, but small enough not to be too obnoxious. Prices are not too bad (although registering a vehicle costs way much). September is not too bad from a heat/humidity standpoint, October and November are delightful weather, December and January are not bad, cool and perhaps some rain, and February through April are pretty good. Avoid July and August though, and I would advise against taking up residency here.
  3. janicenlarry

    janicenlarry New Member

    Full-timers favorite spot to spend winter?

    Take your pick, Southern AZ & NM, Rio Grande area of TX, FL, southern AL. It is a big beautiful country and as an RVer, you have your pick. Enjoy :cool:
  4. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    Full-timers favorite spot to spend winter?

    So far we have wintered in S. California, Texas, Florida and this year it will be in Arizona, near Yuma. We have had fun at each location, but we still plan to check out several others.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Full-timers favorite spot to spend winter?

    So far, we have only wintered in Florida....Cocoa Beach area. We have relatives that spend winter there also and other relatives that run a business there so it is kind of a big family reunion each winter for 4-5 months. As long as the RV park we go to is still in-tack (they took a beating with the Francis hurricane) but will be all back to normal by the end of Oct. If they ever close or sell out (to Building of Condo's, etc.) we are thinking of heating WEST to try it out. Got to get out of cold/snow/ice for health reasons so future sites must be reasonalbly warm.
    We kind of feel like where-ever we are is great as long as we are together......37+ years so far...and still deeply in love... :bleh: ;) :approve: :cool: :laugh: :)

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