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    Hello all. My Family and I are new to rv-ing and are making the move into a 1984 winnebago Itasca sunflyer. This will be our primary residence and I need to know how to light the furnace and hot water tank. I am a mechanic by trade and have worked on several propane furnaces in homes yet this looks a little different. I only saw the units briefly but are supposed to work. No manuals or books available. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks. Don.
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    Re: Furnace and Hot water

    First of all, to really know how to help we need more information. Are either of these direct spark ignition, or do they have a pilot light? If direct spark(DSI) then there will be a switch for the water heater and assuming you have propane and it is on, and that the water heater does work, then it will light and heat the water, then cycle on and off to maintain the temperature. A direct spark furnace will have an on/off switch on the thermostat and you just turn it on, then set the temperature.

    With an 84 you probably have a DSI furnace but likely don't have that type of water heater. If you open the access door to the water heater it is pretty easy to tell what you have because you will have a gas control valve with positions for pilot, on and off as well as a push button. If DSI this will not be there. With non DSI you have to select the pilot position and then hold that button down while you light the pilot, then hold it for a minute or two until the pilot will burn alone. Once that happens, turn the control knob to the on position.

    With a pilot furnace the procedure would be about the same. If you know what brand and model of water heater and furnace you have, you can visit the site of Bryant RV and down load a copy of each of the service manuals. http://bryantrv.com/docs.html

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