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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by qtrlbwithcheese, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. qtrlbwithcheese

    qtrlbwithcheese Junior Member

    Hi guys

    New to this site but hoped someone would be able to help me, I am based in the UK. I have a Newmar dutchstar 2001 model and the bedroom/kitchen electric sockets/recepticles no longer work. I heard a pop when I plugged in the kettle and am sure its a fuse blown but am having trouble locating the fuse boxes. I think you call them breakers. have looked in the manual and have located some in the bedroom consumer box and have also looked under the hood and found some there too but none related to the sockets/receptacles:stupid:

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks qtrlbwithcheese
  2. larry koenn

    larry koenn Junior Member

    You've blown a GFI breaker. Look around at the electrical wall plugs and you should see some that have a test and reset push button. Push the test and reset on all of them. I'm not at all sure how many circuits the Newmar has. My Monoco has two different GFI circuits.

    It's possible you may have an appliance that you can't use on a GFI circuit. The neutral and ground can not be connected or it will blow the breaker. All kitchen, bathroom, and outside circuits should be GFI protected.

    good luck
  3. Clay L

    Clay L Senior Member

    It could be a tripped GFI but it could also be a breaker on the inverter if you have one. Some are switch type breakers and some are round push in to reset types.
  4. qtrlbwithcheese

    qtrlbwithcheese Junior Member

    Thanks guys. We tried the GFI's. The one in the kitchen area tests ok but the one in the bathroom we can't get to test, we tried everything. even bought new ones. Interesting Clay L we have got a fuse on the inverter I shall check that, thanks.
  5. larry koenn

    larry koenn Junior Member

    The bathroom GFI could be daisy chained to the outside plugs. If you have anything else pluged in or one of the plugs is wet it could cause the problem. Or maybe even a critter problem on an outside plug. I would pull them and make sure they are clean and dry. If a new GFI is not setting there has to be a neutral to ground leak somewhere.

    good luck
  6. qtrlbwithcheese

    qtrlbwithcheese Junior Member

    Ok Larry will do. Thanks very much

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