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    For Your Info: Anyone contemplating a trip from the Midwest to Yellowstone here is some info: Left Apr 13, 2008 arrived May 4, 2008.

    Fuel from Dayton, OH to Cody WY: $750 at an average of 10 miles/gal. Total 1900 miles. Average price for diesel $4.10/gal. Higher now.

    RV Space/night: Average $32/night.
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    Re: FYI

    Thanks DL

    Thats helpful info!! Couldn't get any of those old west horses to pull ya. Wow , u got good milage. What are u drivin

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    Re: FYI

    Traveled from Superior, AZ(50 miles east of Phoenix) to Carlsbad Caverns and from there on to Ft. Worth, TX. Left AZ on April 15 and arrived Ft. Worth on April 24. Cost for gasoline was $326 at 8.5mpg.
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    Hey Dean, I usally get about 11.5 miles/gal towing my 12,000 lb 5er with my "03" 2500 Ram Dodge CTD. However on this trip I was bucking headwinds most of the way and dropped to 10 miles/gal.

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