Gas or diesel pusher ?

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by Michguy, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Hi all,
    We're close to retiring, and we intend to buy a used 36-38 ft. Motorhome. I was sure that a gas powered one would be perfect, due to initial cost, and cost of maintenance. We plan to see as much of the US as we can, pulling a Toad. Some posts here on the Forum, regarding pulling a Toad through mountainous terrain w/ a gas powered Class A, have got me a little gun-shy. So, I need advice.
    What are the typical maintenance costs that I can expect from a Diesel vs. a Gasser, and what about pulling a Toad w/ a Gasser. Our first "big run" will be from here in Spring Lake, MI to Albuquerque by way of Denver. Then across to LA and on up through CA to Seattle. I'd like to continue up to Jasper Alberta before dropping down to Yellowstone and then home by way of the Black Hills. There's just the 2 of us, and she refuses to get out and push.


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    Re: Gas or diesel pusher ?

    We have had 4 gas and 2 diesel pushers in Class A. It was like going from a chev to a caddy when we got into a diesel pusher. I changed oil in my gas RV at 5000 miles using 7 plus qts of oil--around $50. Diesel take up to 20 qts ---$150 but the changes last 10000 miles or more. Hills and pulling make a diesel better in power and milage. Gas is easier to find on the road and motor is up front so you will hear some motor noise. Pushers are very noise in the rear bed room--hard to nap on the go. I pull a vehicle on a trailer benind my 40 ft diesel pusher and get 7mpg at freeway speeds. Once you get the RV rolling, the TOAD is almost free. GOOD LUCK in your choise. RB
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    Re: Gas or diesel pusher ?

    I'm currently on my second gasser (HR with the Ford 460). I've had this unit all over the country and have never had any problems pulling the mountains with my Jeep Grand Cherokee in tow. That said, I would LOVE to have a diesel pusher, because they are the Cadillacs of RVs for the most part. However, I've seen so many horror stories of very expensive repairs and breakdowns that it's caused me to shy away from a DP. First, I can't afford a new one and any pusher I rolled into my driveway is going to be at least 5 years old. Maintenance costs are high and I tend to do my own maintenance. I understand my gasser, not so a diesel so I'm going to need a diesel mechanic.

    I'm sure my next motorhome will probably be a diesel but that's mostly because I have a really nice gasser now, and the only way to move up would be a DP.

    My two cents.

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