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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by neti25, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. neti25

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    we are looking to buy an rv for the first time. needing any advice. looking at class A. how does the mileage of a diesel compare to a gasoline?
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    Re: gasoline or diesel

    Hi Ted and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. A diesel RV will generally get better mileage than a gasser. The downside is the initial cost is higher. Give us a hint as to what you are looking at and some of the others on the forum will have more specific info. Good luck with your purchase. :) :)
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    Re: gasoline or diesel

    Welcome to the forum.

    If you are planning to put on thousands of miles, over 10,000, a years, every year then look for a diesel. But if you are only going for a weekend, a week or two or/and travel less then 10,000 thousand miles a year go with a gas.

    The diesel engine is built to run and not set in the garage which can bring on maintenance issues where the gas engine won't.

    But like jimmy said, tell us more so we can help you more.
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    Re: gasoline or diesel

    Well said Steve and Jimmy, one other thing is the maintenance is so much less with a gasser. I own one and very much satisfied with it. I can change the oil, filter and lube it my self and save plenty and use that for gas. But like Steve stated if you going to be on the road go with the DIESEL. Good luck :) :) :laugh:
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    RE: gasoline or diesel

    Welcome Ted diesels will give you more miles per gallon in any size over gas in the same engine displacment. If you need to tow more than a small car the diesel will do it cheaper .If you are looking at an rv that is over 36 ft than you have go diesel .I would be more concerned with the gas rv than a used diesel as you cant run a diesel as hard as a gas engine and the transmission in the smaller rvs are not as heavy duty as in a larger diesel coach. Lookes like there are some lower prices on larger coaches on the internet now and most have more than 1 slide.It will depend on your budget.If you can do the easy maintanence oil and fuel ect than the cost is not more than gas if you paid some one else do it for you. JMO Dave

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