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    I like them big but I have been taking many trips into Arkansas. I still love my big RV.
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    Keep in mind that Motorhome Magazine has never given a really bad review. Interestingly you might also note that each month the featured RV to be reviewed also has at least one full-page advertisement. I wonder if there could possibly be any connection to that and the lack of any substantial negative reviews? If you want a real review, check to see that the RV Consumer Group has to say about them. I am no longer a member, so I have not seen them do a review on it, but I am sure that they have by now. They do not accept money from the RV industry and are as near to unbiased as you will find.

    Rexhal does not build that chassis, they just buy it from Workhorse Chassis Company. There are a few others building on it, but not many because of the long history of attempts to build a successful gas pusher. Back in the 70's, John Deere chassis division put a Ford 460 on a pusher and several companies built motorhomes on them. I can't recall who all did so, but FMC was one of the main ones. There are still a few of those around and the only two that I have seen operating successfully do so by having added some electric fans to the cooling air system and by so doing they now manage to get almost 4mpg.

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