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Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by Corina, Sep 27, 2008.

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    My husband and I are thinking of purchasing a camper trailer, but don't know which brand is best any help would be greatly appreciated. We've researched, at each dealer of course, the 21' (or thereabouts) Springdale, Roadrunner and Jayco. We got a great price on the Roadrunner ('09) for $13,400 but were told by another dealer that was not a good quality camper. Thank you for whatever y'all can advise us with.

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    Re: general info on all camper trailers

    On occasion, a dealer might tell you something which is 'fact challanged' in order to sell you something. You might find someone on here with one of those trailers who can tell you about it, or there is sort of a Consumers Report for RVs group you can join, or you can on this forum with Ken at Grandview Trailer Sales, one dealer who has proven not to be 'fact challanged'.
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    Re: general info on all camper trailers

    First of all, I must say that I have no direct knowledge of the Roadrunner line ( ) but the fact that a competing sales person says it is bad, is no evidence at all. The fact it that commissioned sales people will generally say just about anything that they believe will help to sell an RV.

    The best place to get an unbiased opinion of any RV is to join the RV Consumer Group.
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    Re: general info on all camper trailers

    Check out Nash, Artic Fox or Desert Fox. Also, Kenneth at Grandview Trailer Sales can help you out.

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