Generator info for new trailer

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Joan, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. Joan

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    We just a bought a new Trail-Lite 7212 travel trailer and we're considering purchasing a generator. It's a small trailer, 21 feet, but has all the extras such as air conditioning and so on. What is the best (and most important) the quietest generator available? Thanks.

  2. Gary B

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    Generator info for new trailer

    Hi Joan, welcome to rving, if your looking too run the AC, toaster, microwave then you'll need a min. of 3000 watts 4000 would be better, if you just want a gen to charge up the battries, and to watch TV then the 800 to 1000 watt gens work great. Honda probaly makes the quitest ones, all around, Yamaha has a quite one don't know how large thay make. The Briggs powered one are the noisest. Some of the brands I can think of are Generac, Coleman, Honda, Yamaha, if you check they have a varity of gens. :)

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  3. FogNobber

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    Generator info for new trailer

    Go to and look at the Honda EU2000i. It should run everything except your A/C (does for some but not for me) and if you want the A/C you can use 2 paralleled together.

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  4. hertig

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    Generator info for new trailer

    I have the Honda 3000. When first I hooked it up, it died when the AC went on. Then I installed a 'easy start' kit in the AC (big capacitor and a relay, cap charges before it tries to start the compressor) and it works fine now.

    This unit is quiet and gas efficient, and easy to start (key start). On the down side, it is heavy and taller than my truck bed, which made finding a cover for it a challange. And now I'm trying to figure out how to deal with the exhaust. If you don't mind schlepping them around and starting/stopping them as needed, 2 EU2000 may work out better. Yamaha has a small generator which might be smaller and cheaper than the EU2000 with comparable noise and effeciancy, but I don't know if you can gang 2 of them like the EU2000 is designed for.

    If you plan to mount it in the trailer, probably you will want to look at Onan (or possibly Generac has a built-in model)
  5. hertig

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    Generator info for new trailer

    New option! Yamaha just came out with a new line of quiet generators to compete with the Hondas. EF3000iSE is essentially the same as the Honda 3000EU, a little heavier but with the option of remote starting. EF3000iSE-B has an additional feature of particular interest to RVers - the starting battery helps provide a boost of power for a few seconds, to get that stubborn AC started. This gives you up to 10 seconds of 3500 watts. These aren't in great supply yet, so street price is only down to $1900, but most places offer free shipping on it, so it is not too prohibitive in cost.

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