Generator Woes - Where to Buy?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by GB Rover, Jul 27, 2010.

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    My initial entry (only about 3 weeks ago) into RVing has unfortunately produced a VERY early kick in the stomach!

    I purchased a 1998 33' Georgie Boy Pursuit with a Generac GN-480 5500C. When the rig was delivered the generator was running smoothly. The hours indicator showed 391 hours. The seller gave me all the usual demonstrations including the generator. He turned it off and then restatrted it etc.... No problems. I spent half an hour or so with him showing me everything. He then left with the genrator running fine.

    Eager to learn about my new toy, I decided I should go through the rig and essentially replicate what he had done with the various appliances, gadgets, electronics, etc... I checked fluid levels, indicators, etc... and then I sat down behind the wheel to familiarize myself with the drivers seat. At that time, the generator was still running and had been doing so for approximately 40-45 minutes after his departure. Like he had done in my presence, I shut down the generator by pressing the generator switch on the dash. I waited a few seconds and then pressed it again to start it back. It cranked up fine and then one of the AC units kicked in and ran for 10-15 seconds and then the generator and AC shut down. I was not able to start it again. It would only continue to blow the fuse each time I pressed the switch and would not even begin to crank. Only the click of the switch.

    Fast forward to Camping World Service Department. After $300 worth of parts (modulator, solenoid, controller) and $400 for labor, it will now crank but will not produce electricity. Per Camping World, I'm now faced with replacing the follow:
    Stater Assembly including brushes and voltage regulator OR replacing the unit entriely at approximately the same amount of $.

    So, finally, my questions: where does one find the best price on a new generator? I guess common sense suggests to replace it with another Generac of similar size because of wiring already in place? Having no experience with generators before, I'm definitely outta my league on this one. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Generator Woes - Where to Buy?

    Sorry to hear of your problem Gregg. Just be sure there is not a breaker just tripped on the generator. Keep us posted. do a search on goggle to see if there are any for sell. I like the Onan better but JMO
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    Re: Generator Woes - Where to Buy?

    I would call the guy you bought it from....Maybe your doing something wrong....or he knows something to help you.
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    Re: Generator Woes - Where to Buy?

    I too would check for blown breakers somewhere (especially the generator). As a rule when you start your generator, let it run for a few minutes before applying any load. Never start the generator with the AC already turned on. :dead:
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    Re: Generator Woes - Where to Buy?

    On our old Four Winds, there was a hidden reset button UNDER the couch...Cost us $30.00 (which wasn't bad) to have an RV tech reset it. It was worth it since we were starting our 2nd day of our two week vacation.

    Since buying our GreyHawk, we have learned a lot and continue to learn every time we travel.

    Good luck on your repairs. Hope to see you on the road! :cool:
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    Re: Generator Woes - Where to Buy?

    Greg - Before I replaced the generator I would check for voltage at the generator and then follow the wiring back to the transfer switch and the electrical distribution panel. I am willing to bet that if the engine starts and runs, the generator is making electricity at the generator. There is probably a thrown circuit breaker or blown fuse somewhere in the circuit between the genset and the transfer switch. JMO :) :) Also, if you have a manual transfer switch (like I do) make sure you plgu the shore power cord into the socket coming from the generator. It's embarassing when the service technician shows this to you. I know. :laugh: :laugh:
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    Re: Generator Woes - Where to Buy?

    I am probably the newest one on this forum, picking up my first MH on Saturday, but when I did go look at it, tried to start the Gen. cranked fine but nothing happened. Salesman who has been RVing for 20 yrs. said there is a protection that you must have 1/4 tank of gas in the unit for the gen to run. (help prevent you from running out of gas at a site I guess) Took it to the station, filled it to 1/2 and BINGO, fired right up...... Just a thought, maybe yours is also equipped with this feature. Got Gas !. HA HA Couldn't pass that one up.

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