Generators and 110 volt outlets

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Dreggs, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Dreggs

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    I just bought a 1999 Georgia Boy 36' Pursuit rig. I fired up the generator and tried to turn on TV and other 110 volt items and could not. Doesn't the generator on most of these things power the 110 circuits as well as the 12 volt items?:concern:
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    I would bet the generator needs to be plugged in. On older MHs there was not a transfer switch, but it actually has to be plugged in. The plug should be near the generator. As far as the 12 volt items, they run off the battery, when the generator is working properly it will keep the battery charged.
  3. LEN

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    Yes! the Gen powers the coaches 110. But there are a couple or three ways of getting it there. Most newer MH's have a transfer switch, which is an automatic switch that after the gen runs a couple minutes and power is supplied turns the power from the docking cord to the Gen power. If you have one two things could be wrong it doesn't work(the transfer switch) or the Gen is not producing power(check the breakers on the Gen). If the switch is working the a breaker maybe thrown(when plugged in does shore power work?)
    Another option is you do not have a transfer switch and you must plug the cocking power cord into the Gen's power supply(this should be located in the same bay as the power cord).

  4. LEN

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    KEN beat me as I was typing LOL

  5. Dreggs

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    Generator issue

    Thanks for the help. the plug for the gen is in the compartment with the power cord. Big as life...cant believe I missed it.
  6. H2H1

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    Well this what this forum is about, helping others, so glad you found it, good luck on your camping.
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    But I know that most people will wait until a hurricane has already come and they are without power. So they'll try and do it themselves. In hope that this page may help save someone's life when they need the power and cannot get a licensed electrician, like a hurricane, I am posting this page. If you still choose to backfeed be sure to read What To Do When the Power Comes On........
  8. LEN

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    Jollyllp, What are you talking about? We are talking RV's not a home emergency gen system.


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