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    I recently purchased a 2004 Jayco Greyhawk from a private party. On our first outing the generator quit working. The generator only had 274 hrs on it. The local Cummins dealer repaired it by replacing the rotor and brushes to the tune of $1211.00. What I would like to know is this a coman problem with onan generators and do I have any recourse for reimbursment?
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    Re: generators

    Hey pegleg, welcome to the forum. I doubt if you have any recourse with Onon. Cummins probably would have told you if you did. My Onon is 13 years old and has 482 hrs on it and I haven't had any serious problems with it. At this point, if mine went out, I would pull it out and buy a couple of portable Honda generators.
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    Re: generators

    My bad :eek:
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    Re: generators

    Pegleg, the generators need to be extercised under load at least once a month for 30 mins to an hour to keep moisture and such out of the rotors and windings. The previous onwer may have neglected to do this.
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    Re: generators

    Hi Pegleg and Welcome.....Sorry to hear about your problems....Onans are good generators.....Mine had 1947 hrs on it and,,, It was 25 years old with out any problems what so ever....I just kept changing oil and filters on a regular basis.....

    Don't buy any lottery tickets....I think your luck is just bad....It will get better.....This rebuild might last 25 years....Like mine did....

    Good Luck

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    Re: generators

    i agree Nash ,, as being a former Cummins employee ,, and in charge of the big onsight stand by sets ,, what nash said is true ,, the rv genset is the most neglected there is ,, who really thinks of starting them when parked in the driveway or in storage ,, and it's kinda like wiper blades ,, u don't think of them til it rains ,, and then u say damn i need new ones ,, gensets are the same ,, use under load is the best for them ,, the sets i worked on were excersized once a week under almost full load ,, so they never seen the brush probs ,, but put this in a note to u'r self ,, excersize genset once a month under 1/2 to 3/4 load ,, but JMO ;) :approve: :approve: :approve: :) :)

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