georgie boy owners manual

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by thefixer, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. thefixer

    thefixer New Member

    Does anyone know where I might find an owner's manual for a 1978 Georgie Boy. Thanks.
  2. bandalop

    bandalop Member

    RE: georgie boy owners manual

    Chances are pretty slim. I placed a similar request for a manual on a '99 Alfa 5 wheel. Received no responses. Sorry!
  3. Bounder Boy

    Bounder Boy New Member

    Re: georgie boy owners manual

    Maybe give this a shot. Might find a kind soul that will lend you theirs to copy.
  4. hamdave

    hamdave New Member

    Re: georgie boy owners manual

    IMHO they are pretty well worthless, at least mine is. They are so 'generic' that there is not much useful information in them. What I have done is begin gahering all the pdf, etc files I can on the chassis, engine, coach equipment (Microwave, furnace, water heater etc) As a result I now have a book about two inches thick that is much more usable. Its always a work-in-progress !!


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