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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Guest, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Ok ,, how are all of u out there itemizing and re-aranging the rv for the up coming travels ????
    I know that we all do it ,, i myself have installed new courtiesy lights in the MH and also have begun building my new entertainment center ,, so what all have u guy's done :question: :question: :question: :question: :laugh:
  2. C Nash

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    Re: getting ready for travel

    Filled the gas and propane tanks :( change oil and filter replace gas filter lube ck all hose and belts ck air in tires will wash but skip the wax and hope to head west :bleh:
  3. DL Rupper

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    Re: getting ready for travel

    Kicked back in the La-Z-Boy after a sightseeing trip over to Pensacola. Thinking about washing the RV and truck. Got the electric heater on. Stopped at Camping World today and checked out a new Carriage Cameo. It was the 32' 2 slide, side bath that was probably really 34' long. Only $54K on sale. Guess I'll have to keep the ol HitchHiker for a few more years. Only thing wrong with the Carriage is the 16" ST tires. Probably from China. Can't beat the 16" LT tires. The ST tires must be cheaper for them to be putting them on the heavier 5er's. Oh did I mention I just got through travlin over here from over there. :bleh: Sometimes I lose track of time Full-timing. :laugh:

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