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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by green, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. green

    green New Member

    Grand Junction? BigHorn? As a single woman I'm concerned about maintenance. I plan on living in my 5th wheel parked somewhere. Any advice about either of these two manufacturers(or any others). Thank you, Green
  2. s.harrington

    s.harrington Senior Member

    Re: getting ready to buy

    Check out the Montana before buying anything. Everyone I know who has one loves it. Thats about the best recomendation in the industry.
  3. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    RE: getting ready to buy

    If you have no plan to ever pull it, why not consider a park model as you will get far more for your money and it will work better than an RV for that use. Of course, if you do eventually intend to travel with it, then stay away from park models.
  4. Wingnut90

    Wingnut90 New Member

    RE: getting ready to buy

    Young lady, if you were my mom, I would recommend purchasing a brand that has been around for many years. Something like Carriage, Holiday Rambler, Alpenlite, and not something like Montana, Jim's Happy Camper. You get where I am coming from. Just because it looks nice at the dealership, doesn't mean that down the road it will look the same way. Good Luck and have a great day.

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