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    WELL with temp being in the upper 60 and 70, I went ahead and changed the oil and filter and put on a gas filter. I will get out the grease gun tomorrow and do the grease thing and I will ready for spring.The gas tank is full and I also put in some lucas oil in. Dang I cant wait to go.
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    well hollis ,, u wouldn't come down and change my oil ,, so i had to do it myself :laugh: ,, but i am one ahead of u ,, greased the entire coach (and me ,, damn gease gun) anyway all is done for me ,,, just waiting on the calendar ,,, but btw it was 40 here to day ,, froze my a to death ,, but oh well it's done ,, next thing is tires (OUCH)
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    Well I don't to do all at once, heck then what would I do except wait :( ,,,, oh I got it I can wax it again :laugh:

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