Getting the Class C washed

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by sheilph2, Jan 31, 2009.

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    HI All: We have a new Winnebago. It is in the Pocono Mts. at the moment. Does anyone out there know of a place to get it washed? Or, know where there might be a truck stop that has this capacity.

    Thank you.

    Ed and Sheila
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    Re: Getting the Class C washed

    I would say most of us wash our own in the driveway or our parking spot if it is allowed. There are people that do the wash and wax thing but they charge $4-$6 a foot(yellow pages maybe). Do you have a car wash nearby with a bay big enough. Not the automated you drive through but the ones with a wand for Wetting Soaping Rinsing? There are so large truck stops that do have truck wash's agian yellow pages. If all else fails bucket soap brush rags and a kid.

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    Re: Getting the Class C washed

    I am afraid to wash mine...I might discover another leak!
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    RE: Getting the Class C washed

    Hi: It has been below freezing up here so the driveway, at the moment, is not an option. We do have people who will do it in the driveway but it is too cold. Thanks for the ideas. We will check out the wand and wash.

    Sheila And Ed.
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    Re: Getting the Class C washed

    We use a spray bottle of Fantastic Orange and a spray bottle of water. First you spray the Fantastic on and wipe it and crud off. Then spray (rinse it) with the water bottle and wipe off. You can do this any time it's warm enough to get outside with a ladder and elbow grease to wash it by hand. That's the Marine way. Comes cleaner than any spray wash or long handle brush and bucket of water can get it. Of course it takes much longer and uses many more calories, but is worth it every third time you wash the RV. :bleh: :laugh:

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