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    I bought the Goldline cover from nationaldiscountcovers. Apparently it's stronger than sunbrella and tyvek. I'm really happy with it. I received it around 2 weeks after i bought it. Took around 45 minutes to put it on but that's because it was my first time. I really like the material. Especially the elastic on the bottom. It also came with a kit for extra protection at any sharp areas. It's breathable and so far, it's repelled water during some short showers. Anyone else have one for a while? How has it worked for you?
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    MORNING FRANKOUTDOORS. I have a tyvet on my MH and it seems to be working fine. it light and easy to put on. It also has the elastic on each end. So for I am satisfied with my tyvet.
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    That's good to hear. Not really sure what the difference is. Maybe its the material and construction of it

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