Good advice needed. I'm looking for a motorhome to work from.

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by KC8RXQ, Jun 21, 2009.

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    We are very interested in RVing and have been looking for quite some time now for the "right" or very nearly the right way to go. The children are grown and now it's my wife, me and two cats.

    I am looking for suggestions on Class A motorhomes (DP's rather than gas but anything is possible) that will let me set up a sort-of office. I have the type of job that all I need is a good high-speed Internet (most likely mobile-satellite in this case) and cell phone service and a dedicated area that can be used/converted to office space for computer/paperwork. My wife would be travelling with me and I would like to have separate areas where we both would be comfortable while I'm working. For the time being I'm looking at used - late model motorhomes and I was wondering if anyone had gone through this exercise before and could offer comments on their experiences (pros/cons). Also, are there any tax benefits besides the IRS wirteoff for the interest? This specific area of the motorhome would be used exclusively for my work both on the road and when we get home as I don't want to move my hardware/paperwork/drawings/etc. back and forth.

    Thanks and I hope to be reading your responses soon.
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    Re: Good advice needed. I'm looking for a motorhome to work from.

    There are several 45' that have an office or convertable office space in the bedroom area. The ones I was looking at yesterday online have a full rear bath, wardrobe room in the rear and a 1/2 bath forward and the office space. They are not cheap $250 plus in today's market. As far as write-off The interest on the rig is a OK but using it for buss. one might be able to write off cell, internet and part of the space rent and maybe part of the maintenance.

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    Re: Good advice needed. I'm looking for a motorhome to work from.

    You, or anyone can deduct the interest paid on a loan for an RV that is fully self contained and capable of serving as a home, just like a home loan. Also, any legitimate business expenses such as the internet and phones, but you will need to use care to document, just as you would for any home business. I strongly suggest that you consult a tax professional for advice on just what you may deduct. I am pretty sure that you can also depreciate a portion of the RV as an office, just as you could a house, and in this case if you are careful, you will have no problems when the RV is sold since they do not appreciate like a house would.

    There are several choices for solid internet and I would suggest that you consider either an automatic dish, such as the one from Datastorm, or you might also use service from one of the cell phone carriers as Sprint, Verizon and AT&T all have internet available. I used satellite internet for four years and have not changed to service from Verizon. Each has it's advantages.

    You haven't said what your budget may be but one can easily spend anywhere from $100K to more than $1 million on a motorhome, depending upon what you can afford.

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