Good Sam ESP & other extended warranties for RVers

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Dog-Father, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Good Sam Enterprises reported a profit of $3.9 million, the first profit since 2007. From the RV Daily Report:

    I have their towing and it's okay. I wonder if their ESP (Extended Service Plan), works well for Rvers who have a breakdown a ways from home. I feel I have been taken advantage
    of when in this situation. I wonder if having Good Sam or other extended warranty would help with this problem or not?

    With a third party paying part of the bill, would a repair place be less likely to try charge an Rver all they figure they could get away with? The extended warranties bought from a
    dealer, often benefit the dealer with a big commission, but do little for the consumer. Good Sam does not have that problem and it looks like they are going to be around a while.

    So my question is do extended warranties, like Good Sam ESP, help RVers in this situation or not?
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    So far, I'm pretty satisfied with the service I've gotten with the Coach-Net's extended warranty that we got for our Motorhome. Thankfully, we haven't had any instance yet where we needed to avail of their towing service. The most that we've gotten to try with their assistance is when we needed help with a flat tire on our way back from our trip from the Grand Canyon. Given what you pointed out, I sure am hoping that the same assistance and level of service would be extended to us when that happens.

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