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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Guest, Dec 30, 2012.

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    well,, with the trips we have had in the mew mh ,, and just the new mh has made me think deep ,, and i want to just say ,, " i was an a.. on here" and very sorry ,, i was very mean to good friends ,, and i just want to turn over a new leaf for the new yr ,, call it a " new yrs resolution " ,, i found out that even with a big new shiny MH ,, folks still look down on u ,, i don't like that ,, i don't look down on them ,, but i guess they think (IMO) that i am better then them ( with the huge MH ) i am not,, i camp in the same spots they do ,, and do as they do ,, sorry to everyone i offended on here
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    Rod - I don't know if anyone was offended or not. I know Boss Lady and I were happy for you and your good fortune and hope you and your family enjoy your new motorhome. Have a Happy New Year and safe travels.:)

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