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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Cruzincat, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Cruzincat

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    I know there are GPS systems that warn you of low clearances ahead. Do they also warn you of other restrictions such as no thru traffic over certain weight limits, etc?

    If you were in the market right now, which brand/model would you choose?
  2. vanole

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    Here is a link to something that utilizes your presently owned GPS. My wife got me a subscription to this and it works great. Originally seen it advertised in FMCA. I loaded it onto a Garman unit that I have that has free updates for life. So $14.95 a year isn't too bad.

  3. LEN

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    You can get the low clearance as well as any subject you could be interested in, just down load to your GPS, free if you do a search. POI-points of interest

    But to the OP even with all the newest tech you can still find your self in a problem as all must be entered into the system by SOMEONE.
    As to a NEW BEST unit, for me it would be either of two Garmin units, one is a trucker unit and one is a RV unit. Both are 7" screens and have all the tools to help avoid over length and over weight and tunnel and propane restrictions. As well as good routing(I don't think there is a GPS with great routing) as one must still be very weary of and look at the route for any ???? points. All that said I wouldn't go without a GPS for ramps, lanes, turns, potty stops and I really like the picture in route that tell you in advance lanes so you have time to move to the correct lane.
    This is the unit I will be buying next Garmin Dezl 760LMT it also will interconnect with your cell phone calls and if you wish can use the data from your phone for really up date info.

  4. wildcatervin

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    Have a Magellan road mate Pro 9165T and it does most if not all of this.Sometimes it is a lttle smarter than I am.Also has Bluetooth so basically it is hands free.So far it has been a good unit.

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