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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by LEN, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    I've been doing the research and think I have found what I want/need from the options available.
    I'm thinking the Garmin 265wt would do the trick.
    Am I giving up anything I need?
    Best price????
    I have had two GPS's with mapping so I for the most part know how they work and still have one for Geocaching.
    Do you get a disk with the unit so you can put they map on the laptop and do trip planning or do you spring for xtra $$$$?
    This has blue tooth but not FM can you get a blue tooth speaker and have more volume(old age and hearing here)?
    Do these units have the big rig option for route planing?
    Any other comments!!


    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: GPS for the DP

    Len, check Ebay while your shopping for GPS. Don't buy from Circuit City.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ;)
  3. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    Re: GPS for the DP

    Len, GPScity has it for $289.95

    I have Garmin's 7200 with a wide screen and I get XM radio through it. I patched it into my RV radio/amp so everything comes through loud and clear.

    I don't care much about the telephone going through it, either.

    I don't care much about the FM traffic stuff. You will always be to far into a situation to be detoured around it with a traffic report. Even if you were listening for it.

    That model looks like it has the same routing features as mine, so I know you will be happy with that.

    I've had a minor problem with mine in several years. Garmin stood up and fixed it for me no charge.

    Looks good!
  4. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    Re: GPS for the DP

    Check WalMart's web site for GPS prices.
  5. The Englishman

    The Englishman New Member

    Re: GPS for the DP

    I have a NUVI 650 and by buying it from WalMart on-line (Only) it was the best deal I had found. A lot of great deals can be had from WalMArt online and they cant be bought in their stores and GPS is one such item.

    Garmin have the most advanced mapping systems but they ask that you download the updated maps in (I think) 21 days of registration. The download file was corrupt after I spent all night downloading it and so contacted Garmin who said they will send a DVD. The irony is they are sending mine from the UK and their offices are less than 5 minutes walk from my house there. I still havent got it but they assure me it is coming and I bought mine in October.

    I have sent my details to my wife who will pop round after Christmas and collect it and send it over here to Iowa. It works but it directs you along routes that are no longer there or irritatingly attempts to redirect yo if your road has been slightly shifted in later raod renovations.

    One downer is the voice is a female and if you miss a turning she states in a low dulcit tone, "Recalculating" - You find yourself apologizing to a stoopid box - Get over it cos it can grind you down

    You MUST MUST MUST register the device as soon as humanly possible cos if it is stolen (like my previous one) they can shut it down and no-one can use it henceforth.

    One problem you have after owning a GPS is that you are immediately addicted and it is quite horrifying if you drive out and realise that you have left it behind at home. Eventhough you know where you are going. Its not a toy but an essential tool and saves a lot of stress and screaming at a navigator who has lost your way. You also REALLY appreciate co-ordinates that the good people post when reviewing sites.

  6. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Re: GPS for the DP

    Jus t had another question that came to mind do all have the option of telling you what lane to be in or is it just a few that do this. I know it has been though at time with just a car in heavy traffic to make a freeway exit not knowing the lane and in the DP it would most likely be a missed turn.
    My first unit for the car was a Garmin PDA that did tell the lane.
    I have found the 265wt from $209 from the NY box stores to about $259 local.
    I'll wait and see if there is any place that will give an after xmas discount.

  7. The Englishman

    The Englishman New Member

    Re: GPS for the DP

    I was coming to Iowa from Illinois on an interstate and it told me to keep left and in 1 mile turn left. Impossible! There was a barrier on the left and cars in the opposite carriageway. In one mile the barrier was open and I slipped left. I was amazed because if I had missed that turn I would have been about thirty miles out.

    Garmin units tell you what lane to be in and warns you to keep on a cariiageway when you have multiple exits before yours comes up

    I believe that there is a low price and a (often slightly higher) safe low price. The number of smaller stores going to the wall may mean the lowest price you have may not have any customer support in the near future as they go into recievership after failed expectations in sales over Xmas.

    If you dont need it now wait till the New Year cos they will be giving them away. Its a great Xmas present and they would have stocked up on them and I'll wager they have a lot to shift in 2009.

    Make sure the model you get is the latest that you can afford cos many 'GREAT!' offers are outdated units - Theyre ok and work well but the latest model may be three generations ahead of yours with all the bolt ons and gizmos built in.
  8. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: GPS for the DP

    Hey Steve, the best GPS I have found is called Clodhopper :laugh: :laugh: ;)

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: GPS for the DP

    I really like that Chelse............ho ho ho :laugh:
  10. bcampbell

    bcampbell New Member

    RE: GPS for the DP

    The best price I could find is at West Marine. they have a Garmin for $#119.00 and it has the 2009 maps etc.
  11. marstrings

    marstrings New Member

    RE: GPS for the DP

    Being from England and doing so much traveling to previously unknown destinations in and out of town, we've found a GPS a complete life-saver. We've successfully navigated places like the east San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. They would have been complete nightmares without the GPS, and were stress-free with it.

    We've got a nearly three year old Garmin (c550 I think). I bought it in the UK and just bought a US map to put in it when I got here. It had a combined power and traffic warning aerial lead with it, but we've never subscribed to the traffic info thing, and never missed it. The lead broke recently and we just replaced it with a lead that connects from the 12V outlet to the USB input on the unit. (From Radioshack - $19)

    We've had the odd problem with it. But if you keep an eye on the written instructions and the map, you can usually figure out all you need even if the voice instruction is ambiguous or missing. This is probably the same for all units, and to be honest, I've not had a chance to update the map since we got here, which may have solved some of these problems.

    We had one bizarre problem. It doesn't seem to have a clue about Nevada City in California. This is a small town surrounded by hills and windy roads. We had a specific address, but it took us out of town, up an increasingly narrow and bendy road, re-calculating several times, though there had been no instruction to turn, and and we hadn't turned. At one point it told us to turn left, but there was nothing except someone's house there.

    We abandoned the GPS in the end and got directions from a local. When we got to the folks we were visiting, they told us they had a Garmin also, and had had exactly the same experience with it. The route would have taken us eventually to a small river, which we would have had no choice but to ford; no bridge!

    Apart from that strange experience, the GPS has been fantastic, and has avoided a lot of stress and no doubt a lot of arguments.

    Martin and Strings.

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