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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by CAC RV, May 17, 2009.

  1. CAC RV

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    There are so many GPS systems out there to choose from, what is the best system for use in Canada and US? Is there any real difference other then price?

    Also are there any that have good software for Mexico and Central America?
  2. LEN

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    Re: GPS Systems

    Garmin for me is the best. As to which model I have the 265wt and like it quite well, mid price and has most features. You can start at around $130 and go up from there. Text to speech is a must. The one thing I would like to have is lane assist, this tells you which lane to get in for the next turn in your route,and I don't have. Most all units have fair to good maps for Canada and the US and Mexico can be purchased and added. If your not in a big hurry to purchase, Garmin is coming out with a unit that has truck routing which will as it's name states will route you along routes suitable for bigger rigs(you key in the size of your RV). Gamin units have quite a following and you can get free maps of interest for the down loading, these are special interest maps, like contour maps. One thing to remember is that the maps may or may not be up to date in any given area(they are man made) so one must have a heads up and look where the GPS is routing you.

  3. Kirk

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    Re: GPS Systems

    I too am partial to Garmin products, mostly because of the mapping software that they use. The model that we have is not made any longer so no point in recommending it to you, even though I like it. There are many good choices to be had out there. Let me suggest that you visit the GPS review site and do some heavy reading.
  4. CAC RV

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    Re: GPS Systems

    Len and Kirk, I appreciate the info.

    Thank you

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