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Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by CAC RV, May 17, 2009.

  1. CAC RV

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    There are so many GPS systems out there to choose from, what is the best system for use in Canada and US? Is there any real difference other then price?

    Also are there any that have good software for Mexico and Central America?
  2. Glenn NK

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    RE: GPS Systems

    We have a GARMIN Nuvi 700 Series.

    We tried another brand first, but took it back, and find the Garmin much better.

    We used it in March of this year when taking our grand-daughters to Disneyland; one of the girls has some allergy problems, so we had to find specialty stores that carry the products she can eat.

    When we were in Tacoma, WA, I typed in "Trader Joe's" (a chain of grocery stores). If I recall correctly I got about eight hits in the Tacoma area, and was able to find Trader Joe's all the way down into California

    We used it in BC, AB, and SK last summer and it was very useful. It only screws up if I do first.

    I'd say it worked pretty well, but don't type in Walmart or you'll get too many hits on locations!!!


    Victoria, BC

    PS - I forgot to mention - one of the most useful features is an alternate screen that tells you how far you've traveled to date, your average speed, etc. but most useful for me, it gives your actual speed more accurately than the speedometer does, and it seems to be more sensitive to very small changes.

  3. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    RE: GPS Systems
    You might take a look at this one. They do a lot of maps for the truckers.
    This is what I have and am very happy with it.
  4. LEN

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    Re: GPS Systems

    Costco has the nuvi 265wt for $239, I paid a bit more but have used it for 6 months. Does about everything. If you want to wait a bit Garmin is coming out with a trucker model soon that you can key in your height length and it will route you with that in fo, but it will be more $$$$$$$$$. There are several companies that offer Mexico(garmin for one) and I have seen some for central america. If you haven't purchased your MH yet I would wait as the class you are looking at may have a system on it that you can add a gps receiver and a map because it is computer based and have an all in one that comes up on the backup camera screen as well as everything else on the MH's systems.

  5. roy692

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    Re: GPS Systems

    One point that you have to be careful with when using a GPS and a Class A is that you make sure that it will not lead you over small bridges or under low overpasses. That has happened to me two time now. I am looking for one that will allow me to put in limits for weight and height. Just a thought before you buy. Roy
  6. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Re: GPS Systems

    This month Garmin is coming out with the 465T with the truck routing in it. Best price I found was $412.

  7. vanole

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    Re: GPS Systems


    Very good point that hasn't happenned to me yet but I'm concerned about that.

    There is a couple of GPS units out there now that have what you are looking for. WorldNav truck routing GPS systems have heeight, weight, ect.. settings. Just not sure of the map and routing software. Heard good and bad about them.

  8. onthecoach

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    Re: GPS Systems

    Roy62, I would advise AGAINST the Megellan !!! DH HAD to have it....does not have any campgrounds listed and I am not able to find any downloadable info to add CGs. Also, the actual directions are NOT RELIABLE!!! Took me over 1 hour out of the way on several trips!!! Too bad he paid so much ($400) for this piece of junk!! Stay away from Megellan!!!
  9. ldabel

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    RE: GPS Systems

    Just purchased the Garmin 465T last week. This is the GPS for Trucks and Large RVs, Motorhomes. I am very pleased so far even if it was a little pricey. $449 at Camping World with discount. I'll let you guys know after a few trips how it is working.

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