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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Marie Cunningham, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. Marie Cunningham

    Marie Cunningham Junior Member

    Dear RVers, I am currently touring North America in a Class A Motorhome for one year while I complete my Masters Degree and my thesis research project will focus on the RV industry. There is very little approved, peer-reviewed research in this area and I'm looking forward to making a valuable contribution with input from people who use this fabulous travel method to see the world. I would really appreciate hearing from RVers, no names /email addresses needed, about the issues and concerns that face RVers while travelling as well as some of the great benefits (drawbacks as well) that this method of travel brings to your lives. Issues could include demographics (families that like travelling this way), flexibility, cost, destination access, club benefits/drawbacks, campground amenities, city planning/welcoming of the RV traveller, servicing your journey with modern campgrounds and mechanics available for breakdowns, campground hospitality and events, RV differences and what appeals to you about different types (i.e. tents, motorhomes, trailers, fifth-wheels, campvans, etc.).
    You can be brief or long-winded. I appreciate any and all feedback and focus on RV concerns. Specifically, if you had a researcher at your disposal, what area of the RV industry would you like to see targeted for research? What questions would you like answered? What would improve your RV journey? What entities could we approach to make this travel method a better one?
    Looking forward to hearing from any and all. Have a great week. I'm currently in Washington DC, warm, New England weather and colour.
    My sincerest thanks,
    Marie Cunningham:
  2. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    Marie, other than for your Masters, what is the purpose of this research? Why do "we" need more research?
  3. Steve H

    Steve H Senior Member

    I saw a similar post over at the Heartland RV Forum. Different poster but same content!
  4. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    Her post seems like we're a bunch of monkeys needing someone to discover us.
  5. erniee

    erniee Member

    what areas would I like to see researched-- why I only get 5mpg with my detroit diesel 8v92-- its only pushing 44,000 pounds:)
  6. JasonBellJr

    JasonBellJr Junior Member

    Regarding the replies to the OP

    While I just started to learn about the RV world a couple weeks ago by purchasing a couple on-line books and joining this forum, each book doesn't cover everything, and it appears a lot of information is outdated, especially when it comes to technology.

    My one-and-only post on this forum, had others respond wanting to know the answer to the same question that I was asking - where to start?

    So, am I missing something here? If your too experienced to help this girl then don't say anything at all. The OP didn't ask for smart comments. I for one, would like to read what she writes.
  7. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    In case you didn't read the "OP" post, the "OP" didn't offer to write anything. She was only wanting to "mine" our experience for her own benefit. Didn't even have the courtesy to come back and respond.

    Perhaps you should wait to comment when you're a little more experienced with what comes and goes here on the forum. When you asked your "one-and-only" question, you got plenty of welcoming responses from other "experienced" members.
  8. JasonBellJr

    JasonBellJr Junior Member

    I did read the OP. The OP said she is doing research for her Thesis and is asking for help...that's what this forum is for. If you feel that you are so experienced and want to keep your experience a secret, then go for it, but don't make smart-ass comments about others.

    A thesis is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings. I said I would like to read her research.

    Regarding her not coming back and commenting on what you said...if I received comments like you made, I wouldn't respond either.

    I came to this forum to learn - but you said "Perhaps you should wait to comment when you're a little more experienced with what comes and goes here on the forum" - WHAT - how does one learn anything with that kind of attitude.

    So today I learned about "what comes and goes"...and I clearly see what needs to go.
  9. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    Sorry to hear that ... we'll miss you.
  10. JasonBellJr

    JasonBellJr Junior Member

    Marie, in your research I suggest you touch on what to do when you encounter an "RV Know-It-All" with an bad attitude.
  11. Pancanbob

    Pancanbob Senior Member

    Hi, Jason
    I'm kind of a neutral party here...
    But, A lot of people log on ask for information or something, and you take your time to answer them...... Then you never hear from them again, no thank you or even a go to (^&** .. from them.
    I guess this happens on all the different forums...
    Now Marie could be a legitimate student or not.. no way to know...
    But I do find it interesting... that she has not once responded to anything here, and this is her first and ONLY time on here...
    It is like when you hold the door open for a stranger in a public place, and they walk thru it as thro you were their servant... and you think to yourself why did I brother to be nice
    Just my Humble opinion
    Have a good day
  12. JasonBellJr

    JasonBellJr Junior Member

    Hey Pancanbob,

    Thank you for taking the time to make a comment.

    This is not my first time using forums - I do a lot of extended leisure traveling outside the US and most of that is on cruise ships...sometimes up to seven months each year.

    Marie joined just 8 days ago, maybe she's not a 20 something like I assumed (just because she's in college) and doesn't check email everyday. Or she is a 20 something and got scared off by the comments.

    Why would someone take the time to create an account and then post all of that for nothing? The comments on here find her guilty of being a fraud and no one even knows. Is this something that happens on this forum on a regular basis?

    If someone has been around so long and doesn't want to deal with new comers, skip past the post...god knows I stay far away of anyone that's "on vacation" and I only want to be around professional international travelers.

    If no one asked you to hold the door open, don't expect a thank-you...I'm not going to hold it open even if you ask and say thank you...those days are long gone...and a good example of that is the comments made on this thread.

    I'm going back to reading RETIRE TO AN RV, my third book and the best so far...the book has answered the questions I couldn't find here.

    By the way I have sailed through the Panama Canal several times. Because of your history with it, I'm sure you would be interested in the construction taking place if you haven't already seen it.

    Have a good day

  13. Pancanbob

    Pancanbob Senior Member

    You know Jason
    I really don't know how to answer you....

    Your words "god knows I stay far away of anyone that's "on vacation" and I only want to be around professional international travelers.

    Most of the people here are NOT "professional international travelers", I ask ... "Why are you here?"

    Your words "I'm not going to hold it open even if you ask and say thank you...those days are long gone...and a good example of that is the comments made on this thread."
    again I ask "Why are here?" ... ....

    For me.... it is to help people...., I like passing on my limited knowledge.

    and you are right I shouldn't expect someone to say "Thank you" when it was something "They" did not asked of you... I guess I was raised differently from you, I was taught to say Please, Thank you, Your welcome, and so on, by my Mother and Father, just as I taught my Kids to do the same! To me... Not to do so is rude, and shows poor family values. JMHO

    I was also taught to give my seat on the bus to someone old,, and still do it even if I'm now 60+, and hold the elevator door....
    I saw something on the internet a few weeks ago... about how to recognize an "Old Geezers" they are the ones that stand up for the National Anthem, Place their hand on the heart, they are the ones holding the door, saying Thank you ,,,, and so on, I guess I'm an "Old Geezers"

    As for Marie ... I don't know why someone would post something... but I do know she has not log on to even check the Forum from the time she first posted... when you view her profile it show last "log on" ... she could have view it with out logging on ... for that I can't say for sure ... For me I think I would have check back in 8 days.... if it was important to her
    If she is doing her Master's Degree Thesis,,, she should be mature enough to answer herself...

    As for Panama, yes, I spent many years working for the "Panama Canal Company" and later for the "ACP" and return there several times a year.
    You too have a good
  14. try2findus

    try2findus Senior Member

    WHAT??? Sorry Jason~you WON'T win this one.

    We have been on this forum long enough to recognize SPAMMERS and unfortunately the poster appeared to all of us "know-it-alls" as spam.

    You are welcomed to answer the poster but I think Tex called it correctly. Whether she is/was a spammer is not the point. We learn by experience and don't need to be analyzed in a thesis.
  15. JasonBellJr

    JasonBellJr Junior Member

    Spammer or not, the point is - didn't your mother teach you...if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?

    This is a good example why the rest of the world hates Americans.
  16. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    It is pretty obvious that Jason has been watching this to see if anyone continuned to post. It is too bad this thread took this direction, but Jason, we respect Tex's opinion on here and he is a valued member. He is pretty sharp at catching spammers and since this one appears to be a "one post wonder", he is correct again.....blunt but correct.

    As far as "the rest of the world hates Americans", WHY they hate us is our freedoms which include FREEDOM OF SPEACH. That is what we have here.... If you want to continue to argue, you can be a "six post wonder" as far as I am concerned. IF you want to take the time to get to know us, you are welcome to join right in. I hope you do, I would like to hear about the Panama Canal, but really did not know why it was brought up. Maybe I missed something....
  17. JasonBellJr

    JasonBellJr Junior Member

    Tex is a jerk and no one should support his bad attitude...and now that he has trapped and caught a spammer, was she turned over to the RVUSA police? What will happen to her next?

    As far as the rest of the world goes, and I've been around it several times...most of Europe and the UK have much more "Freedom of Speech" then we do. They also enjoy a much healthier lifestyle, better education, health care and infrastructure without the attitude, except toward American's. If you spent time outside the US, you would be disappointed to learn that we are not the best and continue to fall even lower...and it's not just 3-4 countries that are better then we are.

    This thread would have been dead after the first post if it wasn't for the dude from's time to end it
  18. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    Mister, I think you've shown your true colors now. Perhaps you would be happier in one of those other "best" countries?
  19. JasonBellJr

    JasonBellJr Junior Member

    ahhh - the usual uneducated response

    I've always shown "my true colors" - I even use my real name here and don't make fun of other people

    myself and a couple other million American's would love to move to a better country if the United States didn't trap it's citizens by not allowing you to take all your money with you.
  20. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    Have a good trip.
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