Great Deal on a TT with a "small" leak

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by driveby, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. driveby

    driveby New Member

    I have recently looked at a 26BH Mallard. It is in great shape except for a ripple in the bathroom ceiling. Dealer is not sure whether it is interal condensation causing it or a roof failure. Given that this unit is quite reasonably priced against other "perfect" equivalents, how much of a discount would you insist on to live with the risk?
  2. Kirk

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    Great Deal on a TT with a "small" leak

    I would not touch it unless it. And if I were to learn where jkill2001
    is working, I'd lead the effort to get them indited for fraud!
  3. Gary B

    Gary B Senior Member

    Great Deal on a TT with a "small" leak

    Hi driveby, I'm with Kirk, and the only small leak is on a rv that has never leaked and you spot it the day its rained and you fix it as soon as the rain stops. From my experience if you can see damage on the inside ceiling there is lots and lots of damage you don't see. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
  4. WildWillyToo

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    Great Deal on a TT with a "small" leak

    Hello Driveby

    It is very unlikely that ceiling ripples would be caused by interior condensation. My guess is the ripple is just forward, or rearward, of the roof vent indicating a leak.
    Whether or not the unit is worth purchasing depends on if the cost to repair the damage is considerably less than the discount they are giving. Finding the cause and repairing the damage can be very costly unless you are able to do it yourself.
    Beyond the physical repairs is the ability to access and remove damp insulation, as that will cause mold and mildew problems in the future if not replaced. Unfortunatly, the parts that show water damage are usually only about 25-30% of what actually was getting wet between the ceiling and roof.
    I guess I would advise you to stay away from that particular rig unless you have the ability to make the repairs yourself......then consider the value of your time versus the discount offered.


    ARCHER Senior Member

    Great Deal on a TT with a "small" leak

    jkill2001, sorry but you already stepped in it. Your posts said, "we do some pretty shady THINGS to cover up leaks so that no customer's see it". That sure doesn't sound like just a slip of words. I'm sure not gonna take any of your advice on this forum, that's for sure. you blew it!! :evil: :blackeye: :8ball: :angry:
  6. janicenlarry

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    Great Deal on a TT with a "small" leak

    I wouldnt touch that unit and would definitely not shop further at that dealer. :(

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