Ground Clearance on Bs

Discussion in 'Class B Motorhomes' started by LeftyS7, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. LeftyS7

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    I'm looking for a used B, have looked at new RoadTreks, to get a general idea of layouts, features and build quality and have been looking for used ones but have one concern: Ground clearance, they don't seem to have much and I want to be able to go on rutted dirt roads. Does anyone know what Makes and Models of Bs have the greatest ground clearance?

    Does anyone make a four wheel/all-wheel drive B?
  2. hertig

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    Ground Clearance on Bs

    I think Sportsmobile will build one to order on a 4WD van. Check out their 'pop top' option to give you 6'8" headroom when parked.

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